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afterpeople: Issue 6

“There’s got to be a better way to activate my powers,” Molly thought as she awoke in the back of Isaac’s trunk face to face with her sleeping self. Slowly, she crawled through the divider separating the trunk from the back seat. It seems like doing that was less conspicuous than jumping directly through the [...]

Intrepid: Issue 6

Now. The Pentagon. “Where the hell have you been?” General Samson was not in a great mood. His thick, red mustache twitched with rage. “You’ve been radio silent for eight hours.” “Sorry, the comm equipment malfunctioned,” Intrepid lied. “Well, you should have found a way to check in,” the general grumbled. “You never showed up [...]

Vigilant: Issue 6

I feel naked. Being Vigilant is about more than just the costume, more than just the mask. But when I put that mask on, I’m a different person. Henry Loken is weak. Vigilant is strong. Henry Loken is scared. Vigilant is fearless. But Henry Loken can do something that Vigilant can’t do tonight: get into [...]

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The future is here - and it has superpowers.


America, the action figure.


Punching evil - one face at a time.


About the Authors – Chris

Chris is a permanent grad student, sometime internet entrepreneur, and comic book store clerk in Washington, DC. He sees the violence inherent in the system.

About the Authors – Jack

Jack is a tech consultant that lives in Harrisburg, PA with his wife Ellie, and their two daughters. This is not the bio that you are looking for.

About the Authors – Thad

Contrary to popular belief, Thad cannot communicate with inanimate objects. He lives in the Washington, DC area with his girlfriend Dot and their pet rolling pin Mjolnir.