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Balder the Brave Bear Goes on a Road Trip This Fall – And You Could Win Big!


balder-thumbBalder the Brave Bear wants to get out on the road this fall and see the country – and he’d like to go along with you!

For the next FOUR MONTHS (starting today, September 1st, and ending on December 31st) I’m issuing a challenge: I want to get The Adventures of Balder the Brave Bear (and His Pet Boy, Barnabas) in all 50 States. And I want your help!

What does that mean?

Have a fall wedding to attend? Taking a much needed vacation? Going tailgating to see your favorite team? Heading home for Thanksgiving or Christmas? Take the book with you and take a picture! Send it my way and you’ll get entered into a raffle for some great prizes!

Wait, did you say prizes?

I did! At the end of the contest, I’ll be raffling off some great prizes, including:

  • A package of all five of my novels!
  • You – as a character in my next book!
  • A gift card – for your next road trip!
  • And more, that I’ll be revealing as the contest goes on!

Most importantly, if I can get the book in all 50 states before the end of the year, I will give everyone who enters the contest a free digital copy of the sequel to The Adventures of Balder the Brave Bear! More bears, more adventure, more fun!

Ok, I’m in. How do I enter?

  • Step 1. Get a copy of The Adventures of Balder the Brave Bear if you don’t have one yet. Here’s the listing.
  • Step 2. Go to any US State (or DC) and take a picture with the book. You don’t have to be in the picture, but it has to be obvious where the book is (the more prominent the landmark, the better).
  • Step 3. Post the picture! Use the hashtag #baldersroadtrip on Twitter or FB or post it directly to my Facebook page at:

The first person to post a picture in a state will get three (3) raffle tickets. Subsequent posts in that state will get one (1) raffle ticket. Each person can get credit for a state once, and you can get credit for as many states as you post. So if Cap’n Willy was the first to post in Illinois and the second to post in Indiana, she would get four (4) total raffle entries. Make sense?

I will also be adding some additional ways to earn raffle tickets over the course of the contest so keep a look out for that!

Keep up with the contest

I’ll be posting on my FB page as states get claimed, so that will be the best way to see if your state has been visited or not by your favorite talking bear!

The small print – rules and such

  • Contest is open from 12:01 AM September 1, 2016 through 11:59 PM December 31 2016
  • No purchase is necessary, but it does need to be a physical copy of the book in the photo. No photoshopping is permitted, and the author has full right and final say to determine whether or not the photo is legitimate.
  • “First” in each state is determined by posting time, not by time photo was taken
  • Prizes will be drawn randomly from raffle entries in January 2017
  • Any prizes are not indication of sponsorship
  • Eligible to residents of the United States only
  • Any submissions to the contest can be used as promotional items in future marketing campaigns


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